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… and I didn’t fall off the end of it.  Sorry I’ve been away so long, life got in the way and
I’m sure you all know how that can go sometimes.  But, I’m back and ready to post a few things.

Recently I wanted to learn how to paint in oils so the images you will see in this post are just a few of the many paintings
I have done since January of this year.  I began a painting class the end of January, before that I had never picked up a paint brush
to paint anything other than putting a new coat of paint on a wall.  That being said, please be kind in your comments!

Hope you find something in these to enjoy 🙂


Karen's Paintings_13 750



Karen's Paintings_02 b_750


Karen's Paintings_05b_750


Karen's Paintings_06b_750


Karen's Paintings_03b_750

Karen's Paintings_04b_750

Karen's Paintings_07b_750



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